The Predicl project

Predicl is a computational database of predictive statements used in clinical practice. In general, these use patient data to estimate probabilities of future clinical events, such as death or the occurence of diseases.

The predictive statements are extracted from the medical literature. Their interpretation should normally be done by a physician familiar with this literature, but predicl may help by bringing forth some of the papers that are relevant to a specific patient.

Predicl is work in progress, in an early stage of development.

To use it, enter your data in the PREDICL FORM and press SUBMIT. Just to quickly see how it works, click on this example output.

The data you enter constitutes a profile. If you want to later review the data and the results, either save the completed form (with `Save As') on your computer and load it later from your browser, or make a note of the profile id (something like `ggfxge') that is displayed in the first line of the results. Later, you can enter this id in the `` Load previous profile'' form.